maandag 9 november 2009

To Oumarua (those names!!!)

Today, Tuesday, we woke up at 8.00 in the morning.
It was cold tonight (must have been around zero
or so) and there were a few tents on the camping, so they must have been cold in the night.
At 9.00 we drove to the big town of Twizel, well
known in Twizel itself and surroundings.

In Twizel we bought groceries and after this main
event we set for Oumarua, a town on the seaside.
Here we will see (we hope) penguins.
On our way to Oumarua we passed a place called
Vanished World Elephant Rocks.
The boulders look like elephants (in the dark and you have to be stark drunk) and we took
some pictures (Ankie more than me) and on the the pic I made you see Ankie on such a boulder.
The weather is OK now while I am writing, but this morning we had lots of clouds and it rained
a little, so the picture is dark.

The camping where we are now is OK. We took a shower and in a while we will visit the
Town Centre about which more the next time.

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