zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Here you see Ankie on a small bridge near the fish nursery. The bridge is small but not too small.

Elepant riding

On the way back from the floating market we stopped for "elepant riding".
You could ride an an elepant, visit a fishnursery,
watch monkeys getting coconuts out of the palmtrees and see thai buffalo's.
Very !! interesting.

Another picture of the floating market.

"The floating market"

Lots of small boats with people selling food, souvenirs, clothing, sweets, drinks, etc.

Bangkok Floating Market

Yeasterday we visited the floating market of Bangkok.
It took us some 75 KM's to get there by minivan. I doubt wether it was THE floating market but there were lots of canals (Khlongs) with al kinds of boats and houses along the canals.

The whole trip was one circus of trying to sell us everything we could wish:
- elephant rides
- teak furniture
- souvenirs
- etc.

Last day in Bangkok

25th. Octobre 2009

We have been a few days in Bangkok.
The hotel is very good. Breakfast was a feast, every day.

In the neighbourhood of our hotel there are many small businesses like foot-massageshops (many westerners go there and Ankie did so too), restaurants, internet cafes, hairdressers, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. etc. etc.
Furthermore there are hundreds of small stands on the sides of the streets selling all you want.

A few streets behind our hotel you can have massages with happy end in at least ten clubs in a row.
I must admit the girls look ravishing and lots of single men think so too.
Many guys walking around with thai-girls.
The restaurant we went to is some kind of meetingplace.
Girls and men come alone and some time later you see them leave, together.

The hotel lies rather near three very large shopping malls (Chidlom, Zen and Central World).

We have reconned the surroundings of the hotel. Of all the people you meet in the street at least one of the two has something for sale like:
- food (al kinds of cold and hot food, meat, fruit, drinks, sweets, etc.)
- toys
- maps
- clothing
- jewelery
- T-shirts
- souvenirs
- you name it and they sell it.

We had three times dinner in the same restaurant* because the food was OK there.
* Gullivers restaurant is only one 100 meters from the hotel.
Although it should rain every day for at least a few hours, we were lucky and did not get any rain
when we were outside.
The weather is very hot and humid though but we managed (had to wash our clothing every day).

It is now 13.30 and we will be taken from the hotel to the airport around 15.00 hours.
We fly to Yangon about 18.00 hours.