zondag 6 december 2009

Last day on Tahiti

It's Sunday and we have to leave the Island.
Our plane will fly in the middle of the night (To Easter Island) and we have to pack our suitcases and everything else as well.

This is a picture of last evening (just after sunset).

So, Easter Island here we come.


We are here only for three days and today is our last day on Tahiti Island. It is beautiful over here.
Wish I could stay longer.
But...........Easter Island is already calling and we have to pack our suitcases again.

Tahitian fishermen

The sea is blue, the fish are colourfull (It just looks like the big aquarium in the Blijdorp Zoo, but then without all the visiting people)and the people of Tahiti are very friendly.
Look in the boat.

Tahiti surfer

When we were walking along the beach (it is sunday) we saw this guy surfing.
I like to surf too, but I am to old, I am afraid.
Swimming is much easier and that's why we do this all the time.
The water is very nice (26 or 27 degrees C).
On Tahiti they don't have sheep; I didn't see any.