dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum
A national reserve.
The south Jordan desert.
We walked about three hours and it was beautiful.
But.........it was hot and as a matter of fact too hot for a walk and we did it anyway.

Van Wadi Rum, via Karak en de Dode Zee naar Amman.

On Octobre 20th. we travelled from Wadi Rum (a fter a goodnight sleep* and a good breakfast) via Karak and the Dead Sea to Amman.
When we went to bed it was still (I think) 25 degrees C.
During the night the temperature decreased at least with 15 degrees.
So we slept very well.
The next morning we drove to Al Karak, a medieval city with a huge castle.
From Karak we drove to the Dead Sea.
The landscape is fantastic (Sorry, no pictures today; you will have to wait till the next time).
Not far from Karak you can see the Dead Sea on the horizon.
We drove from south to north along the road on the eastside of the Dead Sea.
Although it was very hazy, we could see Israel.
On our side of the sea there were lots of control posts of the Jordan army.

In the north part of the seaside there is lots of construction of hotels and restaurants.
They call it Ammanbeach.
In one of these new restaurants we had our lunch with a vieuw on the Dead Sea.

Now we are back in Amman.
Tomorrow we will visit this city.