zondag 13 december 2009


The day after tomorrow we will be on the island of Curacao.
But..................it will take some time to get there.
First we have to fly to Miami.
This flight will take some 9 hours.
In Miami we have to stay like 12 hours or so in the airport which means lots of reading time.
Then we'll fly to Curacao.
If you enlarge the picture (click away I'd say) you'll find the place where we are going to stay a little south west of Willemstad in a bay (baai) called Jan Thiel Baai which is of course NOT on this map. My first blog about Curacao you'll see probably in two days.

Santiago de Chile on Sunday 13th. 12 2009

It is Sunday today and it is rather hot in this city.
Most of the shops are closed and lots of people are just walking (parading)through the streets.

There are some interesting things:
- lots of women are pregnant (we think at least one out of ten),
- lots of women/families with very little children don't have a perambulator (pram),
- it is hot in the streets and our throats get dry very fast all the time,
- no sheep in Santiago,
- lots of dogs in the streets,
- almost all streets are one way streets,
- taxi's and city buses drive like crazy.

It is difficult to find a nice restaurant over here.
But, yesterday, when we wanted to go for dinner again, we landed in a Peruvian restaurant and it was ok, but not so good that we will go there again.
So, shortly we will be looking for another restaurant.

Greetings from a hot Santiago de Chile.

Ankie between the Moais.

This is the last picture of Easter Island.
It was beautiful and since we have seen all, we don't have to go back there.
But................a nice memory.

Cave at Ana Kai Tangata

The inside of the cave at Ana Kai Tangata.

Look at the pigeon flying in thye cave and at the end of the movie he flies out again.

Ana Kai Tangata

This is a movie from Ana Kai Tangata, one of the caves on the coast of Easter Island. This cave was near our house and I visited the cave a few times because you could see fish swimming in the waves. All kinds of fish, green ones, yellow ones (at the time the king was the only one allowed to eat yellow fish), red and blue ones.

Ana Kai Tangata is well known on the island because it is the only cave with paintings on the ceiling of the cave. The paintings should be old and represent all kinds of fish (and some other seacritters like turtles).