woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Women in Jordan practicly always wear a shawl.

The more religious ones wear a niqaab. Here you see one and she looks very happy. It was very difficult to photograph women because this is not allowed for religious reasons.

If they see you trying to make a picture they turn around so you don't see there faces or what you could see of them.

In the middle of Amman there is a part called "Al Balad". It is, as far as I know, the oldest part of Amman. You can see here a Roman theatre, bigger than the one in Jerash (see a few days ago), the Al Husseini Mosq with two minarets and all sorts of shops. Like in other eastern cities, the same craftsmen are next to each other.

There is a part (of a large street) with all the shops which sell charcoal or jewellery or ladies dresses or books or whatever.

Ankie in front of a jeweller in Amman.

Today we were in Amman.
The city is busy and looks like other eastern cities.
For instance Delhi came up again and again in our minds.

The last picture and this one we made on our trip from Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea.
On this picture you can see (barely) the Dead Sea in the right hand topcorner.
It was very hot so the picture could'nt be sharper than this.

On the way from Wadi Rum we passed a medieval castle in a place called El Karak. It is a former place on the Silk Road. It is known too for its role in the history of Jordan, during the crusades.
No crusaders today.

Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and Amman

Yesterday we could'nt upload any photo's so this is one (today is the 21st. Octobre) from yesterday: a picture of the desert in Wadi Rum.
As you can see, nothing grows there and there is no sign (no tracks) of animals except of birds.
Somewhere right from the middle you can see Ankie (I hope).