vrijdag 6 november 2009

Apparently our e-mail from New Zealand to Holland does not work.
So, here this message.
If you want something to know, do it via Facebook.
This is the view from our first campingplace in New Zealand.
It is the bay of Akaroa, east of Christchurch.
In the bay there should be lots of dolphins but till now we didn't see them.
Maybe they saw us.

In de buurt van Siem Reap zagen we twee monniken waarvan eentje aan het roken was.

Kennelijk mogen monniken ook roken. Dat is gek.

Today is November 7th. (Saturday).
So yesterday was Friday. And the day before that was.......
On Friday we arrived from Sydney in New Zealand in
Our suitcases arrived too, so everything was OK.
We were brought, from the airport, to our hotel in
the middle of the city.
Christchurch centre is nice, for a New Zealand town.
We visited the cathedral (Church of England or so) and
the boyschoire (spelled right?) was singing and it was
nice. After that we walked around a little.

More than half of the shops sell typical NZ things like:
- sheepskins
- woollen whatevers (by the thousends, because they
have like 5 million sheep over here; for people who like
sheep, it must be really heaven),
- Maori art
- T-shirts with New Zealand and all other texts
- sheepskin boots (popular overhere too)
- caps with New Zealand
- all kinds of goods with "All Blacks"
- pictures of penguins and dolphins (for people who like
dolphins, it must be really heaven),

New Zealand is also well known because of its sandfly
and I'll tell you about it (I fear) later.
No caps with sandflies however.
For people who like sandflies, it must be really heaven.

The hotel was OK again and we slept well.
This morning a taxi came to bring us to the "rent
a motorhome" and around 12 we were heading east,
to Akaroa.
This little town is famous for its dolphins (for
people who like dolphins, it must be really heaven),
its french history (some streets even have french
names!!) and for its bay in which the dolphins.
It could somewhere in Nova Scotia but than
without dolphins (for people, etc.).

Our camper is much better than we expected.
It has everything:
- TV
- radio
- soundsystem
- heating
- a boiler for water
- a shower
- a toilet
- two beds (but the camper sleeps 3 if neccesary)
- a kitchen with almost everythying lik
. afzuiger
. microwave
. watercooker
. fridge
. stove
. etc.
Tonight is the first night we will sleep in teh camper.

This was it.

Greetings from Akaroa, New Zealand, famous for its
sheep and dolphins and penguins and All Blacks
and Kiwi's.