vrijdag 4 december 2009

Tahiti girl with catamaran

Well, the title says all.
This is the reason we are on the beach all the time and we are enjoying ourselves very much.

Till now we didn't found coconuts but I believe we will have some soon.

Waterfall on the coast of Tahiti

When walking along the beach we found this waterfall (there are high mountains on Tahiti and some are 2000 meters high) and there are lots of waterfalls on the island.
Of course there was this nice tahitian girl who liked to pose for us and we even didn't have to pay.
They walk around almost bare naked and I go to the beach all the time.

Sailing boat on the sea near Tahiti.

WSell, this is a typical Tahitian sailing boat (look at the lateen sail and the baot itseld, a sort of catamaran).

Paul Gauguin

This is a copy of one of the paintings of Paul Gauguin (famous throughout the world and especially in France, Europe and Tahiti and everywhere else).

He lived here for a long time and died overhere in 1903.

There is a Gauguin Museum of course, but I don't know whether we will visit this museum because our landlord told us it is not worth the while.

The Bounty

Tahiti has a rich history and one of the main "historic events" was the mutiny on the HMS Bounty some 150 years ago.
The mutineers sailed arount Tahiti too and some of them were left on this island and (our tour guide tells us but I don't know whether this is true) their descendents still live on the island.

Island in the front of our beach

This island lies not far away from our beach.
If you look well, you see a girl in the sea.

The beach

When we leave our appartment this is what we see and since there are no other guests (the crisis hits this island as well) it is OUR beach.

Map of Tahiti

This is the Map of Tahiti.
We are staying near a little village of which I don't know the name yet but it is on the west coast of the island near the first T of Tahiti on this map.

On Tahiti Island

We are now on the Tahiti Island.
When we landed on the airport there was a three men band playing Tahitian music and the hula girls were dancing on the platform.
We all got a nice smelling garland around our neck and after that we had to go through customs and then we were brought to our hotel/appartment.
It is a small complex with (I think) about six or seven "appartments" and ours has see view when you look out of the windows.
We are the only guests so we have everything for ourselves and it is relaxing (I can tell ye!!!)
This morning we visited the supermarket and bought our groceries.
We have had breakfast and lunch already and tonight we go to a small restaurant, about 300 meters away from our appartment.
We swam in the see too and the water is very nice, not to cold or to warm, super!!!
The complex is well maintained (beautifull garden) and we can go canoeing this afternoon (maybe if we like to go).

This ia all for today.
Everything is OK.
When I look outside (the sliding door is open) i see turtles swimming and sunning.