vrijdag 4 december 2009

On Tahiti Island

We are now on the Tahiti Island.
When we landed on the airport there was a three men band playing Tahitian music and the hula girls were dancing on the platform.
We all got a nice smelling garland around our neck and after that we had to go through customs and then we were brought to our hotel/appartment.
It is a small complex with (I think) about six or seven "appartments" and ours has see view when you look out of the windows.
We are the only guests so we have everything for ourselves and it is relaxing (I can tell ye!!!)
This morning we visited the supermarket and bought our groceries.
We have had breakfast and lunch already and tonight we go to a small restaurant, about 300 meters away from our appartment.
We swam in the see too and the water is very nice, not to cold or to warm, super!!!
The complex is well maintained (beautifull garden) and we can go canoeing this afternoon (maybe if we like to go).

This ia all for today.
Everything is OK.
When I look outside (the sliding door is open) i see turtles swimming and sunning.

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