vrijdag 23 oktober 2009

Angkor Wat

In one of the temples there was a "small" replica of the largest temple in Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
We will be there (Deo volente or insh'Allah or so) in a week.
You can see here what we are up to.

The temple of the walking Buddha

One of the temples we visited was the temple of the walking Buddha. Usually the Buddha's sit, lie down, stand or sit being very fat (lots of Chinese Buddha's are fat).
A walking Buddha is seldom seen, so...........................................
here he is.
As far as I can see it is just a standing Buddha with his legs apart.

As with almost every Palace, it is guarded by soldiers.

This one didn't want to look up, because he didn't want to be photographed. I had to bend my knees to look under his helmet. It seemed he was asleep.

In the temple of the golden Buddha there are lots a stuppa's. The stupa on the left resembles one of Shri Lanka.

The stupa on the right hand side has the typical form of a Thai stupa.

Ankies legs

I made a small mistake. Ankies legs were in the last picture.

Ankie (partly without legs) in a small gate in the temple of the large golden Buddha.

She looks happy and she is!!

This is one part of the "paintings" in one of the temples. Lots of temples have these sort of paintings made umongst other materials from silver and gold.

The painting shows a king. The monkeys are his army and the bigger the army of monkeys the better for the king.

The official Royal palace.

This palace is not really old (only 180 years or so) and it is only used for official purposes.

The king and his family live in some other palace and even there the king lives not there (here they hope only temporarely) because he is in hospital.

The king is 83 and rather ill.

We wish him good health and whatever.

The large golden Buddha.

In all the temples there are monks and every time they make a great picture.
On this picture you see chinese statues and they are just for decoration.
To be allowed in a temple you have to take off your shoes.

Today we went to three different places.

The Royal Palace (King Bhumipol's official Palace), the temple of the walking Buddha end some other temples.

In the last templecomplex there were lots of Stupa's, lots of buildings with buddha's in it and lots of praying people.

There is also a large golden Buddha (see the picture of the last message on this blog) which is so long that it is almost not possible to get it in one picture except on a picture taken from the feet to the head.


Yesterday we arrived in Bangkok from Amman.
The flight was uneventfull and we landed right on time.
A guide was waiting for us and brought us to our hotel. The hotel lies in the middle of an area with lots of small shops, so there is lots to see.
We walked around for a few hours and lost our way now and then. Ankie went for a footmassage and I read something (The new Dan Brown and I don't like it because it is too unreal).

We ate in a nice restaurant (Gullivers Tavern) and the food was good.
We went to bed èarly because we suffered a little from jetlag and because we flew during the night we were tired (moreless).