donderdag 3 december 2009


And what did I tell you guys? Here they are, the hula girls form Tahiti.
We all got garlands (or something like that) around our necks when we left the plane, got kissed over and over and they promised to be on our beach every day!! This will be a very nice part of our holiday in Tahiti and I will tell you all about when we have arrived at our hotel.

The temperature is very good (28/29 or so) and the island is beautiful as we thought it would be.
We will now unpack and see what awaits us on the beach tomorrow.

Bye bye New Zealand and aloha Hiti Moana villa's

It's now friday the 4th. and tomorrow it will be friday again (in Tahiti).

In an half hour we'll be brought to the airport in Auckland and we'll fly around 15.00 hours to Tahiti (Papeete is the capital city).

After we have landed in Papeete somebody form our hotel there will fetch from the airport and we will be brought to Hiti Moana Villa's.

An d I'm sure the hula girls await us at the airport (our tour guide promised).

This isa it for today and till the next time.