maandag 9 november 2009

On monday we set for Mount Cook. The drive from Geraldine to Mount Cook took us about 4 hours.

On the raod to Mount Cook we came upon Lake Tekapo (or Tepako or whatever) and it was very nice.

On one of the pics here under you see the lake.

Iceblue and beautifull to see. The weather was nice and the road clear.

Somewhere in the afternoon we reached Mount Cook and in Hooker Valley we made camp. I looked everywhere but no single hooker in sight.

It is the only campground in Mount Cook and the only thing they have is a place to park your camper and there are toilets with water. It cost only 6 Euro's for the night.

Right after we arrived we took a hike direction Mount Cook. The first thing you see, apart from the mountains all around us, was a monument for climbers who lost their lives climbing Mount Cook. Apperently it is a tough mountain to climb (Edmund Hillary - no family of Hillary Clinton as far as I know - climbed this mountain a few times) and since the 1970's about 40 climbers died on this mountain. All their names were on the monument.

After the monument we soon arrived at a Dr. Jones hangbridge over the river (water flowing down from Mount Cook) and in the middle of the bridge you can see Ankie.

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