zaterdag 12 december 2009

Santiago de Chili

Today was our first full day in Santiago.
It is a very big city (6 million inhabitants) and it looks moreless like a spanish town when you are in the old parts. Some houses look like english cottages and why, I don't know.
There are very many skyscrapers (for instance we have an appartment on the 22nd floor).
There is a Metro and we used it to do some shopping.

We didn't make any pictures because, till now, we didn't see buildings or something else, worthwhile photographing.

It's hot here and there is a layer of smog over the city.
The smog makes it difficult to see the high mountains, around the city.
In the morning the mountains are beautiful and our landlord told us you can ski in three different ski-area's near the city, within less than an hour driving.

But, it's summer overhere and in the summer: no skiing.

What we'll do tomorrow isn't decided. We have to think about that.

I'll let you know tomorrow evening (local time).

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