dinsdag 15 december 2009


We are still on the Miami Airport.
It is a large airport with lots of gates.
You can walk here for hours (I think) and than you still haven't seen all.

Miami is a very big city and famous, throughout the whole world, because of "Miami Vice" with Don Johnson.
There is also Miami Beach.
If the water is not too cold, you can swim in the sea.
"Underwater World" is one of the "must see's" of Miami. But we didn't go (not allowed off the airport).

Although Xmas is coming, you don't see much about it on this airport.
Here and there they have a small Xmas tree and that's all.
What adds to the idea that it isn't Xmas at all is that lots of people wear their summerclothes.
The weather is now fine.

The airport is the homebase of "American Airlines".
We are flying with American Airlines as well, to Curacao (we hope at 16.50).
Still two hours to go.
We had lunch here (two hotdogs*, because it is The United States of America) and that's all for today folks!!

* Decent food is not for sale, it's only:

- Pizza Hut,
- Lasagna,
- Sandwiches,
- Hot Dogs,
- Hamburgers,
- Lots of sweets (look at all them fat asses),

and that's it.

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