maandag 2 november 2009

Today is November 3rd.
We are still in SIEM REAP.
This is the 3rd. day and it is raining very hard. It is the first day it is raining
since we left Holland.
Luckily we didn't make reservations to visit some temples today..........and
since it is raining we do something else.
Ankie is going to get a footmassage and I am going to read or talk to some
other hotel guests or so.

Yesterday we visited other temples than the two most famous ones.
We visited:
- Chau Say Tevoda (in restoration by the Chinese; friends of Cambodia)
- Thommanon (restored in its old glory by the French)
- Ta Keo temple (the first temple to be built of sandstone)
- Ta Prohm (it is still exactly as it was found 150 years ago, overgrown with
huge trees)
- Banteay Kdei (a Budhist monastery with on most of the pillars an image
of a lady dancer (Apsara) which make you think what the monks were
thinking of at the time)
- Srah Srang (a manmade lake - huge - for the ritual bathing of the royal
family of king (here we go) Rajendravarman II
- Prasat Kravan (a Hindu temple with images of Lakshmi and Vishnu).

When I am home I'll have every reader do an exam about these temples and
the winner gets a prize (a warm hand and or kisses depending on who the
winner is).

We went by Tjuk tjuk, a motorbike with a sort of riksha at the back.
This kind of transportation is popular because it is cheap*, makes driving in
the heat more comfortable and it is not going too fast.
When something is cheap we like it very much (the Dutch).

Something really amazing is that practically all the cars, motorbikes (all
vehicles with a engine) make no noise at all; this totally different from
other countries like - for instance - Thailand.
And almost no honking too.

Food is good here. We have good breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
You can get almost everything you want so we can choose all sorts of
food we like chicken liver (which I like).

Yesterday afternoon we went to the river (also called Siem Reap) for the
boatraces. These days they celebrate their Waterfestival which has to do
with the fool moon.
It was very crowded along the river.
We saw the races and it was fun seeing the people enjoying everything.
We visited the Old Market and bought little trinkets to bring back home.

In the evening (we went back to the river) there are lots of activities like
looking at the local bands (the music totally different from
what we were or are used to), selling all kinds of foods (also the fried
cockroaches again – getverderrie -), fruits, drinks and little floating
candleholders (with – guess what – candles) which didn’t burn because
there was alas to much wind.

In the afternoon it was crowded but in the evening it seemed that all the
people of Siem Reap and surrounding villages came to celebrate along
the river and look at the fireworks.

This is my account of our second and third day in Siem Reap.
Now I have to find the means to get this on my blog and……. when you
are able to read this, I have succeeded in doing so.
Greetings now from a wet Cambodia.

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